Saturday, 11 June 2016

OnePlus 2 Mini Rumor Release Date Price Specs And Features

OnePlus 2 Mini Features
Power supply Powered by a Li-Po 3100 mAh
We come to the last segment of the discussion OnePlus 2 Mini's specifications. At the end of this section we will discuss about the battery capacity is embedded on the smartphone. Certainty about the battery capacity will be carried by OnePlus 2 Mini is still confusing. Widely rumored that the smartphone OnePlus will equip this new edition with Lithium Polymer batteries with a capacity of 3100 mAh, the same as in previous versions of the Mini OnePlus. If you look back in the specifications for each part OnePlus 2 Mini, of course comrade Begawei agree if a smartphone does require considerable power supply. This is because the hardware components used are top grade hardware components. Consumption is greatest in OnePlus 2 Mini is certainly there on the screen and the engine. With a battery capacity of 3100 mAh, the actual power supply on this smartphone is going to be fulfilled to the fullest. But just in case, there's good friend Begawei always bring a backup power supply unit or power bank although the actual battery capacity in the specifications OnePlus 2 Mini is sufficient.

Source: OnePlus 2 Mini Revealed

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